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Enjoy one year of full access to nurses and doctors through the dedicated app or phone interface. This unique feature ensures that you have immediate and convenient access to healthcare professionals whenever you need assistance or guidance. Whether it’s for health inquiries, consultations, or general advice, our comprehensive access package provides peace of mind for a full year.

NCD Health Watch

Elevate your health and well-being with a game-changing device that goes beyond simply tracking vital signs. Comes with 24/7/365 monitoring of your vital signs by our nurses which provides escalation to your local doctor if action is required.

The standout feature of the MPD Smart Health Watch lies in its revolutionary non-curable disease monitoring platform. This cutting-edge system operates in real-time, continuously reading your vital signs. What sets it apart is its ability, with the assistance of real medical professionals, to predict emerging conditions. This proactive feature is designed to help you avoid falling ill or, in more serious cases, developing chronic illnesses. With the MPD Smart Health Watch, we prioritize your well-being by providing timely insights and support to keep you healthy and thriving.

Package includes:

  • The Watch
  • Warranty
  • Instructions for monitoring platform login and password from our medical team
  • Unique code for one-year access to My pocket doctor, nurses, doctors, and specialists.

Process flow:

  • Purchase and pay 4999 incl VAT on our webshop.
  • Receive confirmation via email.
  • Shipping details provided after purchase.
  • Package includes codes and instructions.
  • Reach out to our front liners for assistance.


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