My Pocket Doctor Family travel pack

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My Pocket Doctor Travel Pack is an affordable solution for you who already have insurance but wanna make sure that you can see a doctor immediately should need be during your travels.

We have observed the need for special care and attention during travel; telemedicine can guarantee 24/7 attention and response time in less than 29 minutes. No need to leave your room. We call you.

Travel insurance covers the expense but does not guide you on what to do if you are on an island far away from a hospital. They do not offer to call a local doctor 24 7 in another country, and This means that if you have a sick child or just not feeling well, my pocket doctor will call you back, yes, even at 3 am. Yes, in around 20 minutes, YES. We can arrange medicine sent from far away from pharmacies and deliver it to your resort.

Our doctors are local practitioners, and they are trained in the art by our Scandinavian team and philippine lead doctors.

For a list of our doctors, click here.

My pocket doctor is a 15 years old company initiated out of Scandinavia. We Set up operations in the Philippines, where we now have nurses, doctors, and frontiers. 

This solution needs to be reserved before your stay but will support you for the price of 1 Usd with unlimited access during your entire stay.

One code covers one person.

We wish you the safest travels.


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