Top Telehealth Trends for 2024

Digital Health CEO Reveals Top Telehealth Trends for 2024 As we enter into Q4 and begin setting goals for next year, health executives are looking to 2024 and anticipating what it might bring. Open Loop CEO and Co-founder, Dr. Jon Lensing, gives us his take on evolving virtual care market with the trends and innovations … Read more

Navigating the Healthcare Crossroads

Leveraging Technology for a Sustainable Future The healthcare industry stands at a pivotal juncture. The pandemic’s shadow lingers, casting long wait times and clinician burnout across a landscape riddled with hospital closures. Recovery demands a strategic approach, one that balances the promise of technology with the human touch at its core. While challenges abound, opportunities … Read more

Telehealth Trends Heating Up in 2024

Telehealth Trends Heating Up in 2024: Your Guide to a Virtual Future Forget crystal balls – we’ve got something hotter: telehealth trends for 2024! Get ready for a year where convenience and tech collide, bringing healthcare closer than ever before. Buckle up, healthcare heroes, because here’s what’s in store: 1. Hybrid Care Takes Center Stage: … Read more